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Grab: Anthony Tan transcript – Bloomberg, Generation Next

Date: 21 June 2021

Link to interview (34 – 42 mins): https://www.bloomberg.com/news/videos/2021-06-21/-bloomberg-daybreak-asia-full-show-06-21-2021-video?sref=0yPqMgaW

Reporter: This week, on Generation Next, we are focusing on Grab CEO, Anthony Tan. Before he founded the now ubiquitous Southeast Asian ride-hailing and delivery app, Anthony Tan could have had it easy. He is the son of prominent Malaysian businessman and his grandfather founded one of the country’s largest auto companies, but instead of following in their footsteps, he chose his own path. Armed with an MBA from Harvard, Anthony Tan joined the Tech Revolution. He co-founded Grab, moved to Singapore and turned his business into a superapp with a reach that spans across transport, food, fintech and now he is taking Grab public with a US listing that could value his company at 40 billion dollars and boost his own fortune to more than 800 million. He spoke to Bloomberg’s Juliette Saly about why he sees so much growth in Southeast Asia and his experience of leaving the family business.

Anthony: The challenges that Grab could face as it becomes a public company is just needing to prove the market opportunity in Southeast Asia. I think we see that Southeast Asia is a lesser known region than China or India, yet the market opportunity is clear here. You see 660 million people live here in the region, and it has a bigger population than the US. So, it’s sharing and educating the world about how young and mobile-savvy, how digital penetration is low. So, I think that’s one. I think the second thing is having to prove that the long-term sustainability and how we can keep meeting these targets, so for us, how to keep showing consistent top-line growth as we improve profitability, how we are confident that we are on the right track, and how we are serving not just one country but across eight countries.

Juliette: You are focused, though, as you mentioned, on Southeast Asia, so for US investors that perhaps may not have heard of Grab, why would they buy Grab shares as opposed to Didi or Uber?

Anthony: It’s a superapp, it’s very different. I’ll first talk about, very quickly, why superapps work in Southeast Asia. First, as I shared, very young, mobile first population. And you look at just Indonesia for example; compared to the West, only 20% of households have PCs. Number two, the urban cities here are very densely packed. That makes for a very cost-efficient way to deliver goods and services. And just thinking about how Southeast Asia is going through these early days of digital transformation, where across verticals, if you look at Grab and the whole industry’s penetration, whether it’s food delivery, ride-hailing, digital banking – it’s much lower than the markets in the US or in China. Number two, if you look at our superapp – the beauty of the superapp is that it creates this fly-wheel of growth, which makes it cheaper and easier for us to cross-sell our services. So, it’s this superapp concept that is very clearly product-market fit in the region.

Juliette: What about competition, though, particularly when you look at the likes of SEA Limited, Shopee, for example?

Anthony: Well, I think competition is a very, very good thing. It pushes us to innovate, it pushes us to invent and reinvent for consumers. We talk about Indonesia as one of our most hotly-contested markets. Look, we started out there later. We have become the category leader in ride-hailing and online food delivery. And more importantly, we are not dependent on any one market. We operate in 8 countries across the region and not one country contributes more than 35% of our revenues. So, by having a regional footprint, it’s so key to sustainability, it’s so key to having this resilience in our business. And if you just look at Covid, for example, Covid hurt certain countries more than others and because we were so regionally diversified, we got to enjoy the upside of a better economy environment in certain countries.

Juliette: We want to talk a little bit more about your ambitions as well because you have been labelled by one of your former employees as street fighter, you use your laptop when you are on the treadmill, you’re not interested in watching movies, you say you can’t finish books. So, what drives Anthony Tan? What takes Anthony Tan to continue to explore new opportunities?

Anthony: We think about what problems are there, what major pain points are there that we believe we have a competitive advantage to solve. That’s number one. Number two, we think about – is this problem big enough that it affects a big part of society and if it does, like for example, safety for women or thinking about how 6 out of 10 people in Southeast Asia are underserved or underbanked. So, we think about, hey, how do we build something that solves these real problems.

Juliette: You could have had such an easy ride, pardon the pun, riding on the coattails of your family’s auto business, but you did strike out on your own. Your mother, she was basically your first backer. Talk us through, I guess, the family ties – even though you’ve branched out on your own, how important that is to you.

Anthony: My mom has been an incredible woman. When I thought about leaving the family business, it was a really hard decision. It’s very tough for many of you who have gone through, or know friends who go through family businesses, but I remember my mother told me, she said: “Anthony, you don’t have to live in the shadow of the family anymore. This is your time. This is your time to just go and do it”. And she put money where her mouth was. She was one of our earliest investors and she had shared so much wisdom over the years. One of her biggest and most lasting influences on Grab has probably been just how she’s taught me the importance of money, of every dollar saved.

Juliette: Was there any pushback, though, that you didn’t join the family business?

Anthony: Of course, there was. Lots of pushback. But I had a lot of naysayers, a lot of people who didn’t agree, who said you’d probably fail. But that’s a risk. Look, we all knew what we were signing ourselves up for.

Juliette: You’ve got three children of your own and another one on the way. When you’re building Grab up to be this behemoth, would it be your hope that they follow in your footsteps?

Anthony: Grab is professionally-run, it is not built as a family business. It is totally, 100% meritocratic. And, you know, for me, whatever I have will just be thinking how do we help the next generations. It doesn’t have to be my children, it can be whatever next, next generations. How do we build a company that really thinks through an intergenerational of highly accomplished people that have the heart to serve society?

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